Since he was 5 years old, Mike has wanted to be an actor. You could say it's "in the blood" as his grandfather once toured with Sarah Bernhardt.

Michael MillarMike started doing plays school in his hometown of Hamilton and by grade 6 would write and act in a couple of plays a year giving his teachers a much needed break (either that or they actually liked the plays). In the late 60's the family moved to London, Ontario and, while in High School, the tradition continued with Mike acting both in school plays and in his own.

A bout with cancer prevented Mike from going to University right away so, while convalescing, Mike attended Fanshawe College in London and studied Radio and Television Arts. This was a great time: Mike learned a lot about the production end of things and made some good friends as well.

After graduating from Fanshawe, Mike enrolled in the University of Windsor's acting program and earned a BFA degree. Mike acted in over 20 productions while at school, which encompassed everything from Greek Theatre, to Shakespeare to modern theatre. During the summer of his second year, Mike got his first professional acting job in London, at Centre Stage, with Ken Livingston and Gord McCall. Both Ken and Gord had wonderful ideas and the ability to bring them to life; it was an excellent learning experience. That summer Mike performed in a modern play "When Ya Comin' Back Red Ryder?" by Mark Medoff and "The Three Cuckholds", a 'comedia' classic by Goldoni. After his 3rd year at Windsor Mike was part of the Windsor Acting Ensemble (founded by Arlene Mazzarolle and Jan Austin), acting in the Canadian classic "You're Gonna Be Alright, Jamie Boy" and directing "Heroes" before moving on to the Gryphon Theatre in Barrie. Working with the Artistic Director - the late, great Canadian Theatre Icon Vernon Chapman - afforded Mike the opportunity to perform in a wide variety of roles from the modern repertoire. He returned to the Gryphon following graduation from Windsor, and spent four more seasons there.

Michael MillarIn 1980 Mike moved to Toronto and, in addition to theatre, began performing in commercials, television and movies. His first television appearance was with the legendary Red Skelton - who was a joy not only to work with but also to learn from. Mike has since acted on stages throughout Canada, performed in close to 100 television commercials and countless TV shows, movies and movies-of-the-week. He did a pilot for CBC called "Every Body" and a pilot for NBC called "Detectives in the House" with the late Gary Coleman.

In an effort to ensure consistent mortgage payments, Mike and his wife Carol Riddell, created "It's A Mystery To Me" - a comic mystery/improv dinner theatre. Mike has written or co-written 18 plays that have also been produced professionally by other companies and theatres. Some titles include: Big Al's Birthday, The Valentine's Day Masseur, (AKA Dead Air), Happy Valley Homicide, Survivor: Mystery in the Outback, The Jerry Swinger Show and Who Wants To Murder a Millionaire? Due to the improvisational nature of these plays, many other actors have made wonderful contributions to these scripts. For more in-depth descriptions of these plays, please go to and click on "List of Shows".

Mike continues to work in as many mediums as possible, which has been made easier by being represented by Gerry Jordan and Associates - the best agent/manager he's ever had. Gerry's contact information can be found here.